“For the past 7 years, David Fullmer and his firm have provided
invaluable immigration services to World Vision, particularly regarding permanent residency and bringing foreign professionals to the U.S. He is extremely professional, has an excellent understanding of immigration practices and is always responsive to our needs. I highly recommend him to those seeking help with immigration matters.” -  Shirley Lee, In House Counsel, World Vision International

“We have been working with David’s firm for many years. As legal representation to our HR department on immigration, visa and work permits matters he has a full understanding of the hospitality industry and of the positions, which are unique to the industry. Therefore, he is able to really effectively provide all of the work and receive approvals, in a very expedited and cost effective manner.” - Ali Kasikci, Managing Director, Montage, Beverly Hills

“We have many immigration questions and complex issues in the entertainment industry that must be addressed so as to employ foreign actors and other personnel in valid status. David is able to advise us regarding viable immigration options based on his vast knowledge of the law. His problem solving, strategy, and analytical legal skills are impeccable. He is both a phenomenal resource and very pleasant to work with as our long time immigration counsel.” - Wayne Levin, General Counsel & Executive Vice President, Corporate Operations, Lionsgate; Donna Sloan, Executive Vice President, Production, Lionsgate